Welcome to Powerhouse

Powerhouse NY Recording Studio is New York's premier recording and mastering studios. The studio is centrally located in a quiet, rural setting near the Whitestone Bridge. We are only around an hour from NYC with excellent road and rail access. Powerhouse Recording Studios feature state of the art recording equipment and superb acoustics. Our air-conditioned control room is fully equipped with an Digidesign Digital/ analogue console, an excellent selection of microphones and some of the finest outboard equipment available. This perfectly complements our industry standard ProTools HD6 Accel audio recording and editing system. The combination of analogue sound and digital freedom is unrivalled. The studio also features a large great sounding live room, a Nice piano room and a Full size vocal booth. Our studio clients can relax in our movie theater room or in our very cozy leather sofas

At Powerhouse, we work with a wide range of clients from Indie music to Jazz and from Rock music to Classical. We work with major record labels as well as self financed musicians. Powerhouse is becoming legendary worldwide with clients coming in from Europe, Australia, Puerto Rico,Santo Domingo,Central America and South America. Whether you need a demo, single, EP or a fully produced album,or Mastering Powerhouse Recording Studio has been the right choice since we opened for business in 2000.

Recording Studios

Reflecting our international success, we have injected a huge amount of knowledge, time and energy into creating the perfect environment to seek out and seize the most potential from all the budding new musicians and bands that enter our doors. Building a reputation for delivering the very best recording services and offering the most professional guidance and assistance when perfecting your sound, here at Powerhouse Studio, we remain dedicated to constantly searching for ways to improve our services even further. Our recording studio expertise and vast knowledge will help you make the most of your talents.

Having access to professional purpose built sound studios to record your tracks can make the difference between gaining that life changing record contract or not. As one of the most technologically advanced recording studios in The Bronx , we know the importance of offering every musician the best possible recording services. Incorporating a relaxed and professional environment, with cutting edge equipment, we have made it our aim to provide the finest, expert recording solution for your band or solo project.

Powerhouse is not just a recording studio. We also offer high a quality CD mastering service and four acoustically designed rooms . We even offer a unique four-day music recording and mixing workshop designed to help bands who prefer to do some of their recording at home. We pride ourselves on offering one of the best value recording, mastering and rehearsal services in the US. You just don't get this level of equipment and rooms at this price anywhere else